Bridal Makeup - Butler House, Kilkenny Bridal Makeup by Ana-Mari Crotty Kilkenny Weddings - Bridal Makeup

BRIDAL TRIALS • You can organise a pre-wedding make up trial with me which I highly recommend. At the trial I offer a consultation where I will create the perfect look making sure that you feel confident on your wedding day. Being a qualified Beauty Consultant, I also offer beauty & skin care tips to make sure your skin looks radiant and glowing for your wedding day.

WEDDING DAY • I will travel to your location of choice on your wedding day and I will stay with you and your bridal party until you are dressed. I will then apply that final touch up before you leave, making sure that you look picture perfect. On your wedding day I am not only able to create a flawless look, that is both elegant and timeless but I am also able to make you and your bridal party feel relaxed and calm by providing a professional yet personable service.

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